Important information for test rides:                               

                             1.  Contact Scooter Street  about a day before planning a test ride.   we need the time to make sure the tire inflation is correct, the battery charged, etc.  We prep all bikes. 

Note:  We may have a scooter already prepped and you may be able to come in the same day.

2.  If you have a helmet, please bring it with you.  Otherwise, you can borrow one from the shop.

3.  Wear shoes, not sandals. 

4.  Specify the bike you'd like to test ride. 

5.  Bring proper license with you.  A driver's license or moped license is required for 49cc scooters.  You must have a motorcycle endorsement to test any scooter over 50cc (the 150's scooters).

Daylight test rides on dry pavement only!

503 232-0885