Additional Features
Quality PlusTM USA Pre-Delivery Inspections - Each Twist N' Go scooter undergoes final assembly and testing in CMSI's modern USA facilities. These extra measures give you the comfortable assurance that your safety and enjoyment are our top priority. CMSI is the only manufacturer of scooters taking these extra precautions.
Twist N' Go® Automatic Transmission - Each scooter is equipped with a continuously variable speed, automatic transmission that is matched perfectly to your scooter. This involves matching the clutch, variator and final drive gears to the power output of the engine.
SAISTM Emission Management System - Clean burning engines are also better performing, more economical engines. All of our 2006 EPA certified engines employ a Secondary Air Injection System (SAIS). They are cleaner than is required by EPA and with longer engine life. You can be proud to be "Green" with TNG.
ATLASTM Frame System - Extra welds and reinforced frame sections make your TNG frame a rugged backbone that you can count on. 2007 models utilize additional frame gussets and even stronger center stands.

Value PlusTM Equipment Package - All Twist N' Go scooters come standard with additional value items at no extra cost...battery charger matched to battery with pre-wired connection port under seat, TNG custom fitted nylon weather cover, plastic sheathed steel cable lock with keys for theft protection, and a handy metric tool kit.
Safety PlusTM Equipped and Tested – All Twist N’ Go scooters meet or exceed NHTSA safety requirements. 2007 models are fitted standard with Brake Quip® brake hoses and fittings that include a “no bursting” guarantee. Safety Plus also includes the following items: Halogen bulbs for improved lighting, safety tread tire design, metal fuel tanks to prevent cracking, SAE R9 fuel hoses for long lasting, trouble free service, and Yuasa batteries for reliable starting power.


Rally Sport     RS125
RS 125 specs

Clearance Price:  $1700

2007 model year     includes 2 year warranty (based on purchase of 6 liter of Opti-4 at time of purchase.)