AFJ4 Junior  $129
Now $90
AF255  $89
Now $50 - 1 left in Large

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It's illegal to ride without a helmet in Oregon, Washington and many states.  That's because helmet protection can save your life, your looks, your brain. 
D.O.T. vs Snell Standards

For a thorough discussion on the differences between DOT approved and Snell approved helmets, click here.

Modus $149 (XS - 3X)
Now $110

AFD4  $139
Now $99

Modus Open
AF655  $99
Now $75

No internet sales.

To insure proper fit, please come to the shop. 

V2  $99
Now $75

Columbia doesn't want any competition so they forced us out of carrying Fulmer.  We now carry Zamp, but 'til they're gone, these are going at a great price.  If you can find your size, you'll get a great deal on a great helmet!


Protection for smaller heads.