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All of our scooters are D.O.T. (US Dept of Transportation) certified and street legal.

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Check the Hours Page  - Closed Sunday and Monday.  Day to day hours vary so be sure to check!


How do I get there?


Do you have a service department?


Do you deliver scooters?

Do you rent scooters?

Do you sell used scooters?

Do you take scooters in trade?  and ... Do you buy used scooters?

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Motorcycle Endorsements, etc.   Do I need a motorcycle endorsement to drive a scooter?

Access the DMV motorcycle and moped rule book here.

There are two ways to get your endorsement:

1.         Take a Team Oregon course.  Upon successful completion, they will give you a certificate for the DMV.  The DMV will then give you an endorsement with no further testing.  Riders under the age of 21 are required to take the Team Oregon course to get a motorcycle endorsement.

            Check their website for the various levels of courses and the requirements for each.  For Intermediate Rider Training and above, you must get

            your Motorcycle permit (take the written test at the DMV) first.

2.        Take the written test at the DMV for a permit and then take the road test at a DMV testing location.


Team Oregon   What is Team Oregon?

Read about them here.  The Oregon DMV encourages new riders to take the course and for experienced riders to take the refresher course.  It’s fun!  The people teaching the courses love to ride and want everyone to be safe.  Riders younger than 21 are required to take the course.

Washington State also offers Motorcycle training programs.

        Where can I find a course?   You can find a course near you by calling    1-800-962-9010 or on the website at  

Do I need to wear a helmet?


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TN’G are reliable scooters   See Country of Origin info


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Internet scooters 

    A scooter clone is not like a pc clone. In scooter terms , what this means is that a factory has copied a scooter
model, sometimes at the prototype stage and has no design and engineering support. Frequently they are then

built with parts that are not up to the engineering specifications for the original equipment, which is why they
cost less , and fail far more often. This also means those companies have no development cost, as they have

stolen the work of others. I often see scooters like this that retail for less than a TN'G scooter costs to manufacture.

    Many of these companies offer no support after purchase, whether they claim to have a warranty or not.


    Some of the companies that sell on-line move around every year or sell through on-line auctions and it becomes

hard to contact them for information when something goes wrong. 


(Here's a link to the Scooter Bulletin Board homepage with lots of other discussions).  It pays to do your homework.


Other scooter publications have also printed stories about less than reliable clones.  Even scooter savvy mechanics

have reported problems with trying to get them running out of the box.  We have some printed literature at the shop,

some of it free. 

For your own safety, it's important that the scooter is properly assembled, inspected and taken for a test ride before you take it home.  We also service what we sell and carry parts. 


Is Information available in Spanish?

Here's a link to the Oregon Driver's manual in Spanish: Manual del Conductor de Oregon

There is not currently a Spanish language Motorcycle/Moped manual in Oregon. 

Florida's Motorcycle Manual in Spanish:  Manual de Motocicletas 

Wisconsin's Motorcycle Manual in Spanish:  Manual de Motocicletas

The information is probably similar and will help you pass the Oregon Knowledge test.  There may be differences.

The Knowledge Test can be taken in English, Spanish or Korean.  The Knowledge Test is required to get a motorcycle permit.


¿Está la Información disponible en español?
Aquí está una conexión al manual del Conductor de Oregon en español:
Manual del Conductor de Oregon

No hay actualmente un manual español de Motocicleta Estuvo Melancólico de idioma en Oregon.

El Manual de la Motocicleta de Florida en español: Manual de Motocicletas 

El Manual de la Motocicleta de Wisconsin en español: Manual de Motocicletas

La información es probablemente semejante y lo ayudará a pasar la prueba del Conocimiento de Oregon. Es posible que haya las diferencias.

La Prueba del Conocimiento se puede tomar en inglés, español o coreano. La Prueba del Conocimiento se requiere a obtener un permiso de motocicleta.
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