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When analysts at Piaggio ran the numbers, they found that if Americans used modern gasoline scooters for 10% of their travel, 14 million gallons of gas and 324 million pounds of carbon dioxide would be spared each day. After commissioning a study on traffic flows, Piaggio also estimated that if 20% of the vehicles in a central section of midtown Manhattan were scooters, total delays would decrease by more than 4.6 million hours per year.

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The fun and easy way to get around Portland - On a scooter.  TN'G and Adly scooters get 80 - 100 mpg.  And if you dress warmly, you can ride in most weather we have!  Rain gear, warm clothes, good gloves make it fun all year long!  Find it all here!  Our scooters are all automatic, so you just Twist and Go!  It's so easy!


Excellent Scooter Mechanic (most any):  Maverick - 503-341-5221

Also any motorcycles - Repair or restoration.  Reasonable rates.

Adly scooters can now be found at Prestige Motors, corner of SE 7th and Madison.

Out of Business.

Prices subject to change without notice.
Oregon Dealer:  DM0417